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hemophila treatment centers are on the line

Since 1975, HTCs have provided comprehensive care and improved outcomes for patients living with hemophilia and other chronic bleeding disorders. HTCs are made up of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who provide integrated and state-of-the-art care. This coordinated model of care results in excellent utilization management and better patient outcomes — all of which lower the overall cost of care to a health plan.

HTCs Mean Lower Cost and Higher Quality Of Life

When you take in-network status away from HTCs you take away the financial means for these centers of excellence to continue helping patients and their families control their disease. HTCs save lives. Now it’s time to save HTCs.

Reduction of Cost of Care
Reduced Hospital/ER Visits After HTC-Based Outpatient Care
Savings on Factor Claims versus Commercial Providers
Reduced number of days of hospitalization

Dr. Diane Nugent

Medical Director of a Hemophilia Treatment Center

Watch a short video regarding the importance of having HTCs and their 340B Factor Programs in your network.

increase your bottom line