Your Plan will Benefit by Allowing 340B Factor Programs in-network status.

Federally recognized Hemophilia Treatment Centers are able to purchase outpatient factor at a discount because of Section 340B of the Public Health and Services Act of 1992. HTCs can pass along the savings to health plans like yours.

340B Factor Programs Support HTCs.

Federal law mandates that all proceeds from the sale of outpatient factor must be used for clinical services.

HTCs Provide:

  • Hematologist, nurse coordinator, social worker, psychologist, physical therapist, geneticist, orthopedist
  • Reduced factor usage by UTILIZATION MANAGEMENT
  • 72% reduction in the number of days hospitalized per year
  • 92% reduction in hospital visits per year
  • 7.6 day reduction in the average length of stay per year

Lower Rates do not mean lower quality.

340B Factor Programs Provide:

  • 24/7 hematologist on call
  • All brands of factor available
  • All ancillaries included with order
  • Specialty infusion ancillaries at no additional cost
  • Home delivery
  • Personalized customer service
  • Coordination of nursing with payer’s contracted nursing agency
  • Detailed monthly reporting to payers
  • Product usage
  • Cost savings analysis
  • Outcomes

Adding 340B programs as in-network provider will support the comprehensive care team and all of the clinical expertise they currently provide to your covered members.

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